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Carpet Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Wallington does specialize in moving out cleanings, however, a huge part of preparing any property for its final inspection when carpeted floors are present is indeed performing an effective Deep Carpet Cleaning. This is why we have created this additional service that any of you can schedule when the carpets in your old home haven’t been professionally cleaned in a long time and would need to be taken care of before the final inspection. But keep in mind that even though you will book two services – our End of Tenancy Cleaning + Carpet Cleaning, the final price will be even more affordable because of our incredible discounts on our additional services! This means that you will save money yet still relax that the property will be left spotless – top-to-bottom!

Why Should You Book This Service?

As an additional service, our Carpet Cleaning is not mandatory but depending on the state of the carpets on the property we will be cleaning, it can be important for the final inspection. In case you notice that there are dirty patches, discolouration, and impurities, or the carpet hasn’t been professionally cleaned in over a year then we recommend you do schedule this service as well.

Our team is going to bring special machines and detergents on-site. First, they will inspect the state of the carpet and treat any stains and/ or dirty patches with a powerful detergent. Keep in mind that if the stains are old, we cannot guarantee to lift them completely – they may only fade.

Next, our team is going to apply hot water to the carpet and the steam will penetrate deep – all the way to the base. When the moisture gets extracted, all the accumulated impurities will be removed as well. This powerful yet super gentle cleaning method is the most effective way to clean carpets and avoid any risks of damage.

Can I Book This Service On Its Own?

Of course, our Carpet Cleaning can also be booked on its own so if you aren’t moving out yet you still need someone to professionally clean your carpeted floors, you can always count on our team. Just give us a call on 07418 354 442 and we will discuss all requirements and assign a team of technicians to come whenever you need them.

We know that you are hoovering your carpets on regular basis yet you can still tell that this is not enough to maintain them spotless at all times. The reason is the vacuum cleaner can’t penetrate deep enough and is only capable of removing what is sitting on top of the surface. Once a year, a deeper and more thorough professional clean is crucial – especially if your carpets are expensive and you don’t want to replace them every few years.

When it comes to our prices, you can expect nothing but affordable cost – starting from £28 for a small bedroom carpet.